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Before the 11-11-11 Veteran's Day Run with Doug Seeber, Michelle Bickhaus, Justin Sievert, Glenn Swick, Denise Poland, Jeff Spencer, Dave Poland, Jeremy Grootens, Dee Friye and Ali Berti.

Sunday, I laced up my shoes and left my house for a run, and somewhere around the door of Second String Music Store on 8th street, the odometer on my running career topped 100 miles.  100 miles ago Sunday, I met the Heartland Road Runners Club at Kelly’s Restaurant. 100 miles ago Sunday, I huffed and puffed through a nearly-three mile run.  100 miles ago Sunday, Doug Seeber said to me, “You’re going to look back on this run in a few months and think about how easy 3 miles has gotten.”  I didn’t reply 100 miles ago Sunday. I would have… but 100 miles ago Sunday, I couldn’t catch my breath.

Sunday was not only the marker of 100 miles run, but was also the herald of a new tone to the reason I’m running.  What before was a just-for-fun endeavor has now shifted to a goal-driven enterprise.   I’m already registered for my first half-marathon in Little Rock, Arkansas on March 3rd, and my second half-marathon is likely to be close behind.  Events like the Chicago Marathon next fall seem far off enough that “possible” starts to sound like “probable” and registration fees are less expensive if you sign up early, so “probable” starts to sound like “yeah, let’s do it.”

The shift to goal-focused running has come with a rigorous education on how to be a runner.  My good friend Jared has become my long distance coach (ha! Long distance coach… that works on several levels…’cause he’s far away and he ultra-marathons and he’s teachin me to run far…) and he’s helped me to craft a 6-day a week plan that will keep me on the path to not just finish a half-marathon, but also to enjoy it.  Race day is going to be a lot less stressful when I know I’ve put ample training to get me to the finish line.  I’m beginning to see that the race is not the work, it’s the reward.

It was also 100 miles ago Sunday that I met my comically mismatched training partner, Ali.  It’s kind of like I play on a pick-up basketball team at the Y, but I train with Michael Jordan on the side.  While running on treadmills with her this week, I actually finally confirmed that she’s able to run three steps for every one I can get in.  Her far-superior running skills don’t get in the way of her being a terrific training buddy though, and whether we’re cross-training at CycleLates or grabbing a beer after Roadrunners After Dark, I’m glad to have a female runner to look up to and a friend with positive energy to train with.

It’s nice to think of how much I’ve grown since 100 miles ago Sunday, but looking ahead to 100 miles from Sunday, where will I be?  Well, The Plan has me hitting that mark on Friday, January 20th.  The Sunday after I cross my second century mark will be my first 10 mile run ever. Double-digit miles.  I’m not that worried though. The people that I’m training with are some of the most energetic, warm, talented people I’ve ever met, and they (I can’t believe I’m saying this…) make running fun.   I hope I can help them to reach their goals as much as they continue to help me to reach mine.

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