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My bike gear on my file cabinet at work.

The first question I got from coworkers when I rode my bike to work a few weeks ago was, “Oh no! Is your car broken?”  I explained that the Camry was fine; I just was going to start biking to work.  And biking to work is exactly what I intend to do (weather-permitting) until next winter.

Like many of you in Quincy, I live close to where I work: 1.6 miles to be exact.  And there are lots of good reasons to bike instead of drive.

1. Driving to work generally takes me 5 minutes door-to-door, and biking only takes about 10, so we’re not talking about a lot of extra time.

My bike in my parking spot at work.

2. My office has no windows, and I often lament missing out on beautiful days. Biking is perfect for a breath of fresh air.

3. Biking to and from work twice a day is 40 minutes of cardio workout!  It’s going to be good for me come swimsuit season.

4. Gas. It’s probably not a lot of gas to get to work, but at $4 a gallon, I’ll take all the savings I can get. Besides, I like helping to save the planet when I can.

5. It’s helping me on my quest to feel more like Superwoman!  I bike into work in my “super hero” workout clothes, hop in the bathroom, and come out as my mild-mannered Marketing Executive alter-ego!

6. My favorite reason to bike to work is that it seems to slow my hectic life down just a little bit.  I’ve noticed architectural details on buildings I’ve never looked at before. I can watch the season change each day.  I like to hear a bird song and breathe in crisp morning.  It lifts my mood and helps me face the day with energy.

So get out there, Quincy!  Dust off your bike and hit the road for your morning commute. It’s good for your soul!

Original Post April 5, 2011

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