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Adventure Foot is pleased to welcome Jamie Green as a guest blogger!  Jamie is a member of the Quincy Bicycle Club and founding member of Quincy Sketch Group, and he draws a funny comic strip called “Slipped Gears.”   I’ll have his bio up on the Guest Blogger page soon, but if you want to read more about Jamie, please check out this link!  This comic is inspired by a real-life dog on a route that’s regularly ridden by the Quincy Bicycle Club.  Eddy has always loved chasing the cyclists- but as you can see- he’s a little slower as he’s gotten long in the tooth 🙂

And if you are both an Adventure Foot reader and an early bird, I’ve got big news:  I’m going to be on KHQA TV’s Morning Show tomorrow morning- Wednesday, April 4th- at 6:45 AM to talk about my blog, activities that people can get involved in in the Tri-State Area, and what all this Adventure Foot business means to me. Please tune in… or DVR it and watch it later.  Thanks!

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