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Look at all the yum in this photo!! I can't wait!

Look at all the yum in this photo!! I can’t wait!

Don’t you just love a good farmer’s market? Every summer I head down to Washington Park to peruse the fresh produce and marvel at it super bright colors endless variety and…

And I pretty much end up buying exactly the same thing every time I go.

This, for the record, is a Kohlrabi.  I don't even know if the Great River CSA grows these. But I'm buying some this year and I'm going to learn how to cook 'em.

This, for the record, is 4 Kohlrabi. I don’t even know if the Great River CSA grows these. But I’m buying some this year and I’m going to learn how to cook ’em.

What have I been thinking?!  I mean, we all have our favorites.  I love the homegrown broccoli that you can get in the spring, or the beefsteak tomatoes that start showing up midsummer, but I bet I’ve passed over a hundred delicious veggies (what the heck is a kohlrabi anyway?) because I didn’t know much about them or was afraid to try something new.

And “afraid to try something new” is just a silly way for a pretty-good-cook with an Adventure Foot to live.

Check the logo!

Check the logo!

So to bring ADVENTURE to my kitchen, I decided to sign up for the Great River CSA program this year!  For those unfamiliar, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and is basically a program in which you pre-purchase a share of a collection of farmers’ produce for the growing season.   This is great for the farmers because you’re paying for their expenses such as seeds, feed, labor, and supplies, and they have a guaranteed buyer for crops they produce.  It takes the guess work out of how much to grow and lets the farmers concentrate on doing their thing!

Adventure is delicious...

Adventure is delicious…

With Great River, that means that every single week from June through the beginning of October, I’ll be picking up a basket of delicious fresh veggies, fruits and herbs and taking it home to cook up something new.

I’m most excited about the variety in the basket.  What am I going to do when presented with a bunch of squash that I’ve never cooked or more cucumbers than could possibly be cut up for sub sandwiches?  I’m going to have to be creative!  And creativity, my friends, is the very heart of adventure.

If you’re interested in getting giant baskets of good food from Great River CSA, there is still time. There website lists all the details.  A full vegetable share costs $475 and a half share is $360. The CSA also has chicken and egg shares, as well as Thanksgiving Turkey Shares.  From their website:

For the vegetable share, each week you can expect a wide variety of in-season, delicious, fresh vegetables and herbs. One full share will contain enough to feed a family of 4 each week. The half share will contain enough to feed 2 people.

Ca-caw! Ca-caw!  (I think that's the sound a chicken makes...)

Ca-caw! Ca-caw! (I think that’s the sound a chicken makes…)

For the summer chicken share, every other week we deliver two chickens (about 3.5 pounds each), plucked, quickly frozen, and packaged in a plastic bag with the giblets, heart, and liver inside the chicken. $162 for the season.

For the summer egg share, every other week we deliver 2 dozen fresh brown eggs of various sizes. They get bigger as the season progresses. $52 for the season.

For the Thanksgiving turkey share, one fresh turkey ready for pick-up just in time for Thanksgiving. Prices vary based on size and type of turkey selected.

Shares are limited, so if you’re interested, sign up soon! 

… and if you have any good recipes for kohlrabi, you just let me know.


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And One More Thing…

So, WordPress- the site which I host my blog on- has started adding a lot of stupid ads and videos at the bottom of my blog.  That makes me sad because I already pay enough for hosting and stuffs and now they want $60 a year to take the stupid ads off my site.   I might do that at some point, but right now any extra money is going toward race entries!  So anyway, I just wanted to say I’m sorry about the ads.  IF you see ads at the sidebar of my blog (like my Nuun one or VFuel or any of the blogs that I list)  I PROMISE these are not scary links. You just click on them and they go to exactly the website I said they went to.  No tracking or anything icky like that.

Okay, one more, more thing…

Exciting news: I’ve been elected President of the Quincy Bicycle Club!  More on this later… I just wanted to share.


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