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Bob and Susan Wathan at this year's Veteran's Day 11K run!

I just wanted to pass along some information that I got in an email from the Hannibal Parks and Rec Department today- they’re doing a Couch to Cannibal training program for this year’s Hannibal Cannibal!  For those not familiar with the race… it’s a 5K or 10K that takes place on the lovely hills of Hannibal, MO each 4th of July weekend.  Here’s my report from last year…   I hope you read it….  but here’s the point:  there’s a hill.  A big one.  You should train for this sucker!

Bob Wathen of the Heartland Roadrunners and Walkers club will be leading this training program, and you couldn’t possibly ask for a nicer coach.  He’s experienced, knowledgeable, and will help you reach your goals.  I’ve run with Bob, his wife, Susan, and his daughter, Hannah, several times, and I just can’t say enough nice things about them without running out of words for nice 🙂   I know if you’re training with Bob, you’ll be the one to eat the Cannibal up!

For More Information Contact:

Mary Lynne Richards, Hannibal Parks & Recreation, mlrichards@hannibal-mo.gov, 573.221.0154

Bob Wathen, thewathens@charter.net, 573.406.2960

Hannibal Parks & Recreation and Hannibal Regional Hospital Foundation are teaming together to offer a free Hannibal Cannibal training program. The eight week program will offer weekly training guides to help you train and a weekly group run each Saturday morning starting on May 5, 2012 and concluding Saturday, June 30, 2012.

Two separate training programs will be available:

  • The Couch to Cannibal program is very similar to the couch to 5k running plan.
  • The 5k to 10k plan will help you train for that extra distance.

Bob Wathen, a local runner, along with members of the Hannibal Parks & Recreation and YMCA staff will provide the training guides and lead the weekly runs.

Will we see you at the finish line?

Run Times

Saturdays May 5, 2012 – June 30, 2012

8:00 am

Soap Hollow Trail at Riverview Park

Training Guides will be posted weekly on:

Hannibal Cannibal

Hannibal Parks & Recreation

Hannibal Cannibal Facebook page

Bulletin Board at top of Soap Hollow Trail at Riverview Park

If you are interested in participating, please meet at the top of Soap Hollow Trail in Riverview Park, ready to start at 8:00am on Saturday, May 5, 2012.

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Hey readers!  Here are today’s headlines…

Saturday: Unitarian Church Plant, Book, Bake Sale

Last year, people stood in the rain to get in to this sale! It's just that good... 🙂

40TH ANNUAL SALE – APRIL 21, 2012, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

I attended this sale last year and came home with enough flowers to fill my yard, a homemade rhubarb pie to fill my tummy, and a few vintage books to fill my mind.  What more could a body ask for?!  This cash/check-only fundraiser is a whole neighborhood event, and you don’t have to belong to the church.  Besides flowering and decorative plants, the sale had vegetable and herb plants as well.    I also got in a great conversation about heirloom tomatoes with a gentleman who’d written a book on Illinois varietal veggies.

Sunday: Earth Day Clean Up of Gardner Park

I already blogged about this- so go read it!  Better yet, just come to the park on Sunday with a pair of gardening gloves an Earth Day spirit!

Registration is Now Open…

For a bunch of great summer events.  If your calendar isn’t filling up yet, you’ve come to the right place…

–   Bridge the Gap to Health is a Quincy favorite and has options of 5K, 10K and half marathon distances.

–   The Hannibal Cannibal is an area tradition over the 4th of July weekend- and features 5K and 10K distances.

–  The Quad Cities Cycling Club’s Tail Wind Century (100 miles) is May 5th. This event has 6 planned routes, and the morning of the event, the club checks out where the wind is coming from and chooses the route that’s most likely to provide a tailwind the whole way! What a fun concept for a ride!

–  Mt. Sterling Mid-Spring Walk is May 5th in Brown County and is presented by the Railsplitter Wanderers Club.  The Railsplitter Wanderers Volkssport Association is a recreational association dedicated to promoting physical fitness through participation in volkssporting-walking, biking, swimming, and skiing.  The term “Volkssport” means “Sport of the (common) People”  in German, is a nation-wide organization.   This event is sanctioned by the American Volkssport Association (AVA) and is free and open to the public.

–  34th Annual Strawberry Strut– in Carthage, IL features a 1 or 5 mile fitness run and is being run this year in memory of one of the event’s founders, Phil Clark.

–  TOMRV (Tour of the Mississippi River Valley) Cycling Event.  2 days, 200 miles, 12,000 feet of climb.   June 9/10.  Whoa.

So… where would you find a calendar with all of this information all the time?

Just click the “Events” page here on Adventure Foot!

Have something to add to the calendar? Leave a comment here or on Facebook and I’ll add it!!

I hope to see you out and about at some of these great area events!

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The sign at the bottom read, “Hill? You Can’t Handle This Hill!”

Too shocked to have the sense to conserve my precious oxygen, I turned to the runner next to me and gasped, “Is this hill seriously trash talking us?!” I should have saved my breath because I needed every bit of O2 I could gather for the climb up Lover’s Leap in the middle section of the Hannibal Cannibal 5k Run.

The 16th annual Hannibal Cannibal was held this past Saturday morning in downtown Hannibal, Mo. More than 1,700 runners from 26 states braved temperatures that had already climbed into the mid-80s by 7 a.m. to participate in 5k or 10k courses. Each course began in downtown, headed up the highway and over the overpass, took a turn and then climbed the infamous 600-foot bluff known as Lover’s Leap.

This was only my second 5k run ever, but I was feeling pretty confident at the starting line. I gathered with the other slower runners near the back of the pack, and, when the cannon went off, the runners surged forward and formed a great river several blocks long and four lanes wide. My iPod playlist was cued up to a Deadweather song, and I felt like I was making good time as I crossed the highway overpass.

That’s about when the Hannibal Cannibal’s tag line, “It’ll eat you up,” began to make sense. Highway 79 from the overpass turns into a long, low hill. I’m going to say it’s about a 30-degree grade (though I’m just holding up my fingers to estimate, so I could be way off). The thing just goes on and on. I kept running, and it kept climbing. It was super hot, and I was kicking myself for leaving my sweatband sitting on my kitchen table back in Quincy. The course doubles back on itself, so the faster runners were all coming down the hill I was still trying to climb. I was jealous of those folks who had already made the turn.

When that hill finally did let up, I was treated to a glass of lukewarm water, and then started making my way back down the hill. The relief was only temporary though, because I was approaching Lover’s leap.

The “You Can’t Handle this Hill” sign was only the beginning of the Cannibal’s biggest weapon’s assault on me. The sign’s barb had me fired up, and I charged with renewed energy. Talk trash to me, will you, Hill? I’ll show you!

But it just kept coming! The grade increased to what seemed like 90 degrees, and the next sign teased, “Feel the burn?” I did feel the burn, but I wasn’t about to walk.

The Hill, unperturbed with my continued insolence, informed me, “Even your car can’t make it up this hill.” I’ll admit, the thought of my Camry and its very capable air conditioner caused me a great deal of mental anguish, but I was determined to keep going.

My calf muscles had worked themselves into a ball by the time the Hill hurled its next dagger, “Free Oxygen Ahead.” This one was a significant blow, because I’d completely forgotten what it was like to breathe.  I had to walk past the next warning, “Yes, there is a Cannibal at the top.” I resigned myself to my imminent demise and thought, “At least if the waiting Cannibal devours me, I won’t have to run all the way back downtown.”

MaryAnn Cornwell and Laura before the race.

Suddenly I was there at the top. Some saintly volunteer had a water sprayer and I reveled in the cool mist as I jogged past. I grabbed a glass of water and then saw the Cannibal himself! He was gnawing on a bone that I assume was a human femur (or possibly a turkey-leg, but we’ll go with femur.) He was distracted! It was time to make a run for it!I dashed past the distracted barbarian and didn’t even look over my shoulder to see if I was being pursued! It wasn’t long before I was turning the corner back toward the finish line. I’d made it! It was hard, and it was hot, but I was very proud. I clocked a time of 39 minutes and change. That was slower than my Bridge the Gap time, but I’ll tell you this, I’m not a bit disappointed. Running the Hannibal Cannibal was every bit of the challenge that they bill it to be, and I’m excited to have survived in one piece.

To view race results and to see lots more photos, visithttp://hannibalcannibal.com

Also, congratulations to all the runners who participated in this race, especially my friends MaryAnn, Amy, Melissa, and Jeff. Well done, everyone!

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