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Last week, I attended my first meeting of the Quincy Bicycle Club. To say I learned a lot from the seasoned group of cyclists, would be a gross understatement. For anyone considering taking up cycling as a hobby, QBC is a wonderful resource to get you started. Everyone is knowledgeable and glad to share stories and tips that will make your new hobby even more satisfying. Even better, QBC gives you a network of new friends to go on group rides with and those can be a lot of fun. I invited Greg Davis, a long time QBC member to share a little more about the club here!


DAVIS — It`s been a tough winter for us cyclists. Some us have found ways to cope, like using a rear wheel stand (often called a trainer) to put on miles during the off season. Others turn to the ever-more popular “spin” classes as found at the YMCA or the New-Fit facility. A select few like Terry Bauer have just never stopped riding, even putting in a short trek during our now infamous 22-inch snow. Most, however, have had to be content in just waiting for Spring to spring so we can dust off our trusty steed, air the tires and find how out of shape we have become during the cold, dark, wet winter months.

If you belong to the Quincy Bicycle Club www.quincybicycleclub.org you have had the benefit of monthly meetings filled with interesting programs and plans for the upcoming season. We`ve heard from a Quincy Police Dept. bike patrol officer, a participant in last year`s Hawaii Ironman Triathlon, several health care professionals, a gentleman who experienced the Race Across America (RAAM), reports on various rides around the area and received tips on planning and executing a European bicycle vacation.

There are so many facets to bicycling. With the prospect of $4 a gallon gas on the horizon there are those of us that at least partially ride for economic reasons. Couple that with the benefits of reducing traffic congestion and getting some much needed exercise it`s easy to justify the freeing experience of getting there under your own power. I`ve found that riding with others adds a completely new dimension to the sport. This is where the Quincy Bicycle Club can be an important resource. Beyond the meetings, which decrease in emphasis once riding weather arrives, there are many opportunities to join an “organized” ride. Contrary to common perception, the bike club is not made up of all youth oriented, spandex clad, hyper-fit, high mileage “bikers” that blow off traffic laws and attempt to take over the roadways. Rides are available for everyone from families to pros. On top of specialty rides there are the weekly jaunts that cater from beginner to expert.

The focus is to promote the benefits of cycling and let each participant find the level at which they are comfortable. Rides will often encompass ages from teens to seventies (although not usually on the same ride). If you are new to the sport I suggest first that you seek professional assistance in getting a quality bicycle. Nothing will dampen your enthusiasm faster than an ill-fitting, sub-quality or poorly-maintained ride. Next, check out the Pedal Pushers who will begin meeting at the main shelter house in South Park every Thursday at 6 p.m. beginning April 28. If you are more advanced the Intermediate and Advanced rides have already started up. they meet Mondays and Wednesday, respectively, at 6 p.m. in Madison Park. There are Time Trials on Tuesdays, also at 6 p.m. in Madison Park and a Saturday morning ride to Liberty for breakfast at Mike`s Place that begins at 48th & State, 10 a.m.

Just to touch upon a few more opportunities the bike club helps with bicycle safety rodeos, provides information on many cycling opportunities throughout the Midwest, assists with the Friends of the Trails annual Fun`d Ride (held this year Aug. 20) and works to promote cycling as a healthy and safe activity for all ages. I invite you to check them out.

Greg Davis

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