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If you’re reading my blog, you probably have at least some interest in tales of adventure, so I thought today I’d share 3 book recommendations that will set your feet in motion and give you new appreciation for the outdoors!

The Savage Summit, by Jennifer Jordan

This is the story of the first 5 women to summit the infamous mountain known simply as K2.  K2 is the vicious next-door neighbor of Mt. Everest, and has the dubious distinction of being 2nd most deadly mountain on earth (behind Annapurna, another neighbor).  Standing only a few hundred feet lower than Everest, K2 is deep in the heart of the Karakoram in one of the most desolate and beautiful places on earth.  Savage Summit explores the motivations and challenges Wanda Rutkiewicz, Liliane Barrard, Julie Tullis, Chantal Mauduit and Alison Hargreaves all endured to join the elite climbers of 8,000 meter peaks.  Jennifer Jordan does an admirable job of chronicling the factors that led each woman up K2, and only sometimes, back down it.

A Walk the Woods, by Bill Bryson

My friend Sarah recently recommended this book to me, and it is one of the most funny, touching, adventuresome pieces of literature I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.  A Walk in the Woods follows the true story of author Bill Bryson and his unlikely hiking partner Katz on an ill-planned and entirely underestimated bid to walk the entire 2,100 mile Appalachian trail.  Bryson’s deadpan humor combined with cantankerous Katz’s belly-aching make for a smart and surprisingly funny account.  I was hooked from page one, and by the end, I either really wanted to go hike the Appalachian Trail, or really wanted to sit on the couch and never see another trail as long as I live.  I’m still not sure which!

Help! A Bear is Eating Me! By Mykle Hansen

Friends, for a funny frolic in outdoor-themed fiction, feast on this tasty tale by Mykle Hansen! I was sold on reading it by the title alone.   Help! A Bear is Eating Me is a scant 132 pages long, but for Marv Puskin, who is trapped under his SUV and, sure enough, is being eaten by a bear, I imagine 132 pages seemed interminable. The real question in this hilarious (and maybe a little raunchy) story is: do we like Marv enough to even care if he gets eaten, or are we really rooting for Mister Bear?

*The Savage Summit and A Walk in the Woods are available at the Quincy Public Library.  I borrowedHelp! A Bear is Eating Me from the library as well, through inter-library loan. Ask your friendly librarian!

Original Post From March 6, 2011

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