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The Quincy Ultimate Frisbee League last summer.

Brian Myers catches a disc.

If you were filming it for a movie, you’d set the scene with birds chirping and maybe some simple background music that sounded like morning.  You’d pan across the empty field and the dusty sunlight would illuminate the first green grass of spring that was coming up in uneven patches across its expanse.   Your camera would find focus on the soccer goal posts: their paint peeling and years since they had supported an actual net.  And then you’d introduce the cast of characters as they ran on the field.  There’d be the athletic guy with a ball cap on his head and a smile on his face.  There’d be the kid-brother who looked ornery and acted tough to keep up with the bigger guys.  There’d be the plucky girl who was determined to show everyone that this game was for her too.  And you can’t forget the slightly awkward kid who was always making everyone laugh, and the older kid who had found a place in the group despite being bigger than everyone else.  They’d all gather on the field, line up to choose teams, and play their pick-up game.  Casual onlookers might not understand all the rules, but it would be clear to anyone that this group of friends would meet to have adventures at this field all summer long, and that they were the best of friends.

The scene above? With slight allowances for the ages the word “kid” can describe, this scene was my Wednesday night.

The Quincy Ultimate Frisbee League meets every Wednesday at 5 pm and Sunday at 2 pm at the lower soccer field at South Park (12th and Harrison) from now through the end of the summer.  Anyone can play, and people are encouraged to bring friends to introduce to the sport.  There were about 18 people there last night ranging in ages from 6 years to 60, though the majority of the group are in their twenties.

This year will be my second year playing regularly with the group, but it was just last night when I was overcome with emotion about why this game is so much fun.

Corey Miller tosses a disk at South Park.

I hadn’t seen most of the guys all winter long, but with the beginning of daylight savings and the warm temperatures finally here, the defacto leader of the group, Corey Miller, sent out the word, and we all dug our soccer cleats out of our closets and made it down to the park.  It felt like the first day of summer when school had let out. It felt like the neighborhood kids all coming together for a new beginning of months of fun and camaraderie.  It felt carefree and joyful.

The group that came down to the park Wednesday was made up of kids, college students, business owners, store clerks, marketing directors (wink!), computer programmers, and more.  It

The Quincy Ultimate Frisbee League met for the first time this season at South Park on Wednesday.

was a group that you probably wouldn’t see together otherwise, but a group that made sense to the people in it.  And it was simple and wonderful.  We played until the last light faded and then, hesitating, we left the field one by one as if we had each been called by our mothers and ordered to wash up for dinner.  And today we all went back to our “real” worlds.  But this Sunday at 2, our field and our friends will call, and we’ll all have a very special chance to be kids again.

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If you are interested in joining the Quincy Ultimate Frisbee League, the best thing to do is show up at the field on Wednesday at 5 pm or Sunday at 2 pm.  All are welcome!   There is also a Facebook page! 


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