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Hey Adventure Foot readers!

You must be wondering what I’ve got on my docket for the first half of 2013! Okay, maybe you were and maybe you weren’t.  But I’mma share the list with you anyway.  The important thing to know about these events is: YOU are invited!   So hop on a bike, lace up your shoes or grab a paddle and follow your Adventure Foot this year!

February 2013

Feb. 16     Fight for Air Stair Climb, Springfield, IL- to benefit the American Lung Association

March 2013

March 30      Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon or 10K, Lexington, KY

April 2013

April 6      Allerton Trails Half Marathon Monticello, IL or 10K to benefit Make a Wish Foundation

April 6     Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon, Springfield, IL (I’m not doing this one, but if you’re looking for a  nearby half marathon that’s affordable, you should check this one out!)

April 13     Race for HOPE 5K, Palmyra, MO  To raise awareness of suicide risk.

April 20     Abe’s Mini or Sprint Triathlon, Lake Springfield, IL

May 2013

May 4  Quad Cities Bike Club Tailwind Century

May 11/12  TOSRV– Columbus, OH to Portsmouth, OH and back. Tour of the Scioto River Valley- Century or half options each day.

May 18     Bridge the Gap Quincy, IL  5K, 10K and Half Marathon to benefit Med Assist

May 25/26     Pedaler’s Jamboree  Columbia, MO  Bike on the Katy trail for two days… with lots of live music!  I’m actually planning on pedaling the entire Katy Trail this weekend- but I’ll catch the Jamboree in the middle section.

June 2013

June 8/9  TOMRV– Starts in Bettendorf, IA 2 day cycling event with Century or shorter routes. Read blog from last year! 


As always, all of these events can be found on my events calendar.

Other things, both big and small, I hope to do this year:


  • Explore Maquoketa Caves State Park


  • Ride Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park


  • Ride my bike to Mark Twain Cave and get them to let me explore “off tour.”


  • Kayak.  A lot!  And get people to kayak with me.  And enter another kayak race.

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I’m pleased to bring you a new guest blog from now-frequent- blogger Doug Burdic.  Doug, you see, joined me for a training run last week.  I was supposed to do 1o miles, so he was going to do part of it with me and then head home while I finished my long run.  Well, when we passed the turn off for his house at mile 3, he said he didn’t feel bad and he would do the next 3 mile loop with me.  Anything over 4 would be the longest run he’d ever done, so to have his company for 6 miles was pretty darn good.  Then, we passed the same turn off to his house after completing 6 miles… and for reasons that are still unclear, he continued on with me for the next lap.  I’m here to tell you that I hit the wall sometime in the 7.5 mile range, and having Doug’s company made all the difference to me completing my long run.  In all, we ran 9.38 miles+ 2 lengths of his long driveway. The whole experience, though, has left Doug with more questions than answers…


By Doug Burdic

Last Saturday I ran nine miles.  Didn’t start out to do that, but that’s just what happened.  I don’t know.  I don’t really want to talk about it other than to say I am not very sore, which is shocking in every way.

Monday, my coworker Tom asked me what I’d done over the weekend, so I told him I ran nine miles.

He looked at me with a mixture of curiosity and horror, arched an eyebrow, and asked “Why?”

Good question, Tom.  Good freaking question.  I don’t have an answer that doesn’t involve an expletive, but speaking of questions…

Do I run now?  Is that what’s happening?  Am I okay with that as a lifestyle choice?  Will I keep doing it?  Do I feel good about it but actually suck at it, and would anyone tell me if that were the case?  Why is everybody I’ve met while running so nice?  Where did you all come from?  Will my foot ever not hurt again?

I didn't take a picture of our training run...but here are Doug's shoes.

Do I train?  What’s training?  It wouldn’t involve frequenting fast-food joints, would it?  No?  How far am I supposed to run?  Do I try and run short races really fast, or do I try for more distance at the pace of a tranquilized snail?  Which way’s better?  What’s a realistic goal for a year from now?  How do I find out?  Is this stuff I’m supposed to know by now?  And where do I find tips and stuff for it?

Do I do other things, like cycling or, I don’t know, pole vaulting or something?  Or this cyclocross deal that sounds like something straight from Greek mythology?  Crosstraining, right?  Or do I just run?  And there again, which way’s better?  Does running get mundane so you find other activities?  Is it easier when the weather’s warmer, or does it at the very least suck less?  Why does every driver at an intersection I’m running through look at me as if I should be taking a long walk off a short pier?

Three months ago, would I have even thought about any of this?

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