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Cyclists have the same rights,  have to follow the same rules…

but now, can have a WAY cooler licence plate than everyone else on the road!

Beginning May 1, Illinois motorists may visit the Secretary of State’s Specialty Licence Plate Website and order their own “Same Rights, Same Rules” licence plate for their cars, vans or light trucks.  (Cars… you know… the thing you occasionally strap your bike to in order to take it to some exotic location…? )  The plates are $51 if you get random digits, more for personalization.   The website didn’t list total allowable characters yet, but I believe it’s only 4-5 tops.

The plate was designed by Bryan Werner of Collinsville, Illinois and will both spread the message of motorist and bicycle safety, as well as raise money for the League of Illinois Bicyclists‘ efforts to expand bike lanes and motorist education programs.

Check it out:

In addition to the new bicycle themed plates, Adventure Foot Readers might also be interested in:

Enviromental Plates- which support the State Park fund

Pet Friendly Plates which support a pet overpopulation spay and neuter fund:

Park District Youth which supports kids programming:

Or the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics:

There is also a Sporting Series which can feature White Tail Deer, Pheasant, Duck, Goose, Turkey or Bass:


Update! I should have mentioned- Illinois is just the latest state to get the bicycle plates.

 Iowa and Missouri already had them! Both available on their DOT websites!

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