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"The Blogger in the Hat" catches a disc while being guarded by Dalton Tappe.

The sun really did shine, it was too nice not to play, so we gathered in the field that hot, hot summer day.

Jesse Pattison looks for a throw down field past defenders Guido Strothheide and Sajan Koirala.

I arrived there with Andy, we walked there we two. And I said, “Sweet! Now we have something to do!”

It’s better than checkers, more fun than playing ball,  and it beats the heck out of doing nothing at all.

Would you like to know what we were doing and where we were at? We were out playing Frisbee at a tournament called Quincy Hat!

It was held just last weekend in the field by a school — and all 30 players were awfully cool.

Mat Duesdieker tries to leg block a throw by Sajan Koirala.

The tournament crew picked our teams from a hat, and we all made a dozen new friends just like that!

I learned some new tricks from the Jacksonville-six, and a few new ways to throw thanks to two from Chicago.

My team was fast on the run, not a person would fall, and we were up four to zip in no time at all.

But the team in the white put up a good fight, and soon they came back to tie — we were locked up five to five!

We won that first game, then we lost a few more, but the fun of the Ultimate Frisbee is not just seen in the score.

The fun of the game and the whole Quincy Hat, is competition and laughing and being where friends are all at!Next time you should be there! You should find out what Ultimate is about! You can get out to play and run, jump and shout!

I promise you’ll have lots of good fun, good fun that is funny — on that I’d give my word or I’d bet you big money.

So if you read my story, you’re all finished now, and if you want to get out and play Frisbee, I’ll help teach you how.

*Quincy’s Ultimate Frisbee pick-up league meets at South Park each Wednesday at 5 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. through the end of September.  Last weekend’s tournament was the Third Quincy Hat. Find more information on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Quincy-IL-Ultimate-Frisbee-League/205264693260?ref=ts

Original Post August 26th, 2011

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