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Justin and Laura on the summit of Chimney Tops in the Smoky Mountains on April 23, 2011.

I’m going to start this blog with a little disclaimer: It’s unabashedly mushy and about my husband. Read on, if you dare …

This week was my third wedding anniversary.  My husband and I celebrated by taking a trip to the Smoky Mountains over Easter weekend. We climbed, we hiked, we camped, we saw a bear … we had a wonderful time. During all of this outdoor activity I got to thinking about what it is that I like so much about Justin. And that’s when it hit me: He’s the perfect hiking buddy.

Justin and Laura at around 13,000 feet on Gray's Peak in Colorado on Sept. 6, 2010.

He’s the same level of adventurous as I am, which is to say, he’s up for about anything. He’s considerate on the trail — never walks too far ahead or behind — and is always happy to slow down if I’m getting tuckered out. He “sherpas” my water bottles when I need a free hand for my camera equipment. He strikes a good balance between making conversation on the trail and being quiet to enjoy the world around us.

Justin and Laura near the tree line of Mount St. Helen's on Oct. 10, 2010.

Justin is also level-headed when we’re out hiking. I can get overly excited about nature sometimes. I might, oh, I don’t know, go running off trails past signs that say, “Danger: Rattlesnake Area,” looking for something amazing to photograph. He’s always smart about checking my enthusiasm, and sweetly suggests I slow down and watch my feet more carefully.

He’s also cool under pressure. A very long story made short: Last year, my husband and I and another couple got caught coming down a mountain after dark in poor weather with only three functional flashlights. We somehow got off the trail and were more or less lost. Justin, in a show of epic character, put his nose literally to the ground, sought out other hikers’ footprints, and rediscovered the trail. Just when we were all about to panic, somehow my husband and hiking partner came through.

What more could an outdoor-loving woman ask for? All of the qualities that make Justin a great hiking buddy carry through and make him a great life buddy as well. Happy Anniversary, Justin. I love you. Here’s to many more adventures.

Original Post May 6, 2011

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