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Well, Adventure Foot readers, I must say that I’m feeling a little pressure about writing my first blog post since my super-sweet television debut on KHQA’s Morning Show.  If you missed the longer broadcast, click this link and prepare to be amazed (also prepare to see why bloggers generally stick to writing and avoid the un-editable live stuff)!

Anyway, to tamp down the nerves about what to write about next while simultaneously providing a springboard of potential ideas for readers to get their Adventure Foot out the door, I’m going to write (er.. .am in the process of writing) a post about the ideas I have for being active in the next few weeks.

As the Illinois Half Marathon and I-Challenge is quickly approaching (April  27th/28th), my first thought is about training.  This will be my second half marathon this year, and if it’s possible, I’m more nervous about it than I was for Little Rock.  Heck, I had no expectations going in to my race at Little Rock.  Now I have a time to live up to!  To that end, I’m thinking about going for a long run with the Heartland Road Runners and Walkers Club on Saturday.  If I can do double digit miles again, I guess I’m ready.

Since I’m going to train for some running anyway, I am thinking of going to participate in the 2nd Annual Story of H.O.P.E. 5K Fun Run/Walk for Suicide Prevention  next Saturday morning (April 14th) in the Flower City Park in Palmyra, MO.  It’s a lovely park, it’s a great and underrepresented cause, and it’s going to be fun.  Maybe while I’m over there running I’ll take a stroll through the JW Wells Nature Park, too.  There’s a 1 mile trail that’s good for a short hike and the park is home to at least 3 different geocaches… read more about that here!

And as long as I’m making plans for April, I have been tossing around the idea of participating in my very first triathlon.  The Abraham Lincoln Triathlon Series in Springfield is hosting a Mini and a Sprint Triathlon on April 21.  I’m considering “tri-ing” the Mini.  There’ll be a pretty strong contingent of Quincy folks there, and hey, I feel like a 100 yard swim, 5 miles on my bike and a 1 mile run  is something I’m totally capable of.  There’s still time to sign up for either the mini or the sprint tri, or check this website for more triathlon dates in the series.

Besides all of these weekend ideas, I’ll have to make some decisions about what to do on the weekdays!

Ultimate Frisbee?

Mixed Martial Arts?

Bike Club?

Road Runners After Dark?

Morell Mushroom Hunting?

Disc Golf? 

… or all of the above.

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